Sun. Jan 20th, 2019

Why Employee Satisfaction And Ease of Working is Necessary

Walmart has 2.3million employees worldwide. That number is more than most of the countries in the world. It is huge enough to fill some cities and even some states. So to have all that data for your employees, leave aside your customers, you need to have a very powerful and resourceful tool which is necessary to keep track of your employees and make sure your organization works well.

The ERP software, which goes by the name of Walmartone is created by Walmart because it needs to manage its 2.3million employee network, let alone the billions of customer base. So to cater to this huge overflowing number of employees, Walmart needed this software so that it can be connected to the associates. The associates can log on the website and register themselves with the help of their Walmart identification number or WIN and get connected to their employer, subordinates and take a look at their schedule and payrolls. Imagine if this wasn’t possible, the associates would have to have checked numerous files, so much paperwork, there would have been no mobility of information and all that information would have been available only at their office. To better explain this situation, let’s take an example of an employee who at 2AM decides that he wants a leave tomorrow. For that he needs to check his schedule and see his leaves left and decide whether he can even afford to take an off. He can simply log on to this portal and easily check all these out. If this wasn’t there, he would have to mail/call HR and he may likely get no response because it is so late. So to make the life of that associate and the HR easier, Walmart created this portal due to which the employees can stop focusing on these things and be more productive.

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