Sun. Jan 20th, 2019

Weight Loss Through Cleansing

A recent diet and concept that has been making the rounds this past decade is the use of cleansing. Now, we are all familiar with juice cleanses, and as much as we like to think they work, they actually don’t. You are essentially depriving your body of food, and just flushing out water weight, and the problem with water weight is that you eventually gain most of it back once you go back to your regular diet.

However, one particular type of diet or cleanse that has been growing increasingly popular is the Isagenix cleanse. This is a particular type of cleansing that focuses on flushing out your body’s toxins as a way of reducing bloat, and then over time, it starts affecting your general weight as well. If you check out Isagenix products online, you will find that they usually come in kits, and the two more popular kinds are the 9-day kits, and the 30-day kits. The shorter day kits are meant to be more intense, however, the 30-day kits and longer are more comprehensive and do not strain you as much.

These kits will come with a number of things including supplements, meal substitution shakes and drinks, and certain snacks that you can take. This cleanse does not deprive your body entirely of nutrients, and you will be getting your usual calorie intake, so you are not starving yourself. Plus, another reason why this cleanse is so popular for weight loss and otherwise is because the products are mostly made out of plants. So, everything is plant-based making it a lot healthier and better for you without any risk of harmful side effects and so on. So, not every cleanse is going to work, but an Isagenix cleanse might just be the one that will.

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