Sun. Jan 20th, 2019

Pet Grooming is Essential For The Health of Every Pet

When people think about pet grooming, they think that it is only about brushing the fur of the pet for hours at length and then at the end, put a bow on the head of the pet but that is not all there is to it. The grooming process is very important for the health of every pet and believe it or not, it can actually prevent diseases from taking root in the animal.

It does not matter whether you take your puppy or kitten for a professional grooming service offered at places like Westchester Puppies and Kittens or you do it yourself, it is necessary that you do it every day. Often pets do not like the, so make sure that you train them for it from the beginning but now let us look at how grooming can help your pet.


There is no doubt that brushing is an essential part of grooming but it has a lot of unsung health benefits too. If the fur gets regularly brushed, all the dirt, dandruff, dead hair and much more gets out which reduces the chance of ingested hairballs and infections. Whilst brushing, you would be able to examine the skin of your pet and if you find anything unusual, you can take it immediately to the vet and nip the illness in the bud.

Ear Cleaning

Ear cleaning is very necessary as ears can often develop infections and hold ticks etc. and if you notice any redness or swollen area, immediately go to the vet.


In order to keep the eyes clean, trim the hair around them so that they do not get infected at all but if you notice watery or red eyes, take it to the vet.

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