Sun. Jan 20th, 2019

Don’t Ignore Your Back Pain, It Could Be Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a backbone disease in which a sideways curvature of the spine occurs. While the cause of most scoliosis is unknown, it usually occurs at the stage of puberty. Although it is equally common in both genders but girls are more prone to the worsening of the curvature. It is most commonly seen as a hereditary disease and someone with a family history of scoliosis is very likely to get the disease. However, it is also caused by conditions such as cerebral palsy. Most cases of scoliosis are only suffering from its mild form but it can lead to a lot of complications in the heart, lungs and even physical appearance.

Physical Symptoms

The physical symptoms in a child are not very noticeable in the start, however, on close inspection, a mild curve will be seen. These mild curves are not painful, therefore aren’t complained by the child. However, the curvature can compress some organs or muscles or joints and cause a lot of pain in that area. Other than that, there can be physical deformations such as uneven shoulders and waist, one shoulder appearing to be more protruding than the other. They also start facing difficulty standing up straight as the curvature gets worse.


The curvature worsens during the growth period and the only way to stop it from growing is by fixing the curvature. This is done by a surgical process called spinal fusion. The process involves fusing two or more bones together so that it becomes one single bone and stability to the spine is restored. The scoliosis surgery and treatment is necessary as the curvature worsens and becomes very painful. Some of the processes that are done after surgery are braces, chiropractic treatment and massage.

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